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SkinSense Clinic aims to provide a comprehensive skin service from skin cancer management, treating sundamaged skin, promoting healthy skin and minimally invasive cosmetic services.

SkinSense Clinic specialises in the early detection, prevention and management of skin cancer.  SkinSense uses the latest camera technology to view every skin lesion up to 70 times magnification.  By looking at skin lesions this closely we are able to find the early dangerous changes of melanoma.

At SkinSense we place an emphasis on education and prevention of sundamage and skin cancer.  We believe that a major aspect of skin cancer prevention is to teach the patient what they can do for themselves.  Most sundamage and skin cancer is preventable and it is never too late to start caring for the skin.

Modern skin care treatment involves the promotion of healthy skin and the absence of skin disease.  The skin is the body's largest organ  and 1 in 2 Australians will develop a skin cancer.  To get your entire body checked using computerised dermatoscopy call SkinSense Clinic.

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